AMAZING PANDAVERSE Creates 2.0 ” Metaverse Panda Empire ” with a Sword to the Bull Market

Foreword: Panda is a well-deserved symbol of Chinese culture. The image of panda in international communication has developed and evolved accordingly. The constantly innovative image of panda also conveys a new image of China. With the development of the times, the image of panda can also be used in toy models, clothing, literature The image, animation characters, metaverse space and other fields show their style, and more possibilities are derived.


Play brand AMAZING PANDA has risen strongly with “panda” as the element , and has built AMAZING PANDAVERSE “Panda Empire” through emerging elements such as NFT , GameFi , Web3.0 , DAO , blind box , and mining . The qualitative brand precipitation once became the new favorite of Chaowan users and NFT in the encrypted world .

A popular item in the now slightly quiet NFT market, AMAZING PANDAVERSE generation digital collectibles built on the Ethereum blockchain, equipped with more than 250 design elements, and finally generated 2829 pieces, launched on the Binance NFT and OKEx NFT head platforms i.e. sold out. Today , the strong upgrade of AMAZING PANDAVERSE 2.0 to compete in the metaverse , the diversified platform achieved by the integration of multiple elements, will become a breakthrough in the NFT market, and AMAZING PANDAVERSE will become the leader of this revolution.

Some people say that it is now a bear market for Bitcoin and a bull market for the Metaverse. In order to help panda people join the ranks of pioneers who actively embrace the ” Metaverse”, avoid unnecessary detours and maximize their own rights, they conduct in-depth research on AMAZING PANDAVERSE in their own right. On the basis of experience and experience, AMAZING PANDAVERSE 2.0 Raiders is launched.

The story of NFT , Zodiac NFT

Once upon a time , the first generation of AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT caused a sensation in the market , winning the first battle 2,300 times . However, the first generation of NFT , AMAZING PANDAVERSE only gives brand value and rights and interests, obviously it is only a shallow taste of ecological layout .

After the 2.0 upgrade, dig deep into AMAZING PANDAVERSE The ecological value of NFT needs to mention the AMAZING PANDAVERSE second-generation 12-constellation series NFT that will be officially launched.

Interestingly , the AMAZING PANDAVERSE second-generation 12-constellation series NFT is facing 12 constellation bears , and also divides its scarcity in order of green , blue and red . Among them , Aquarius bear , Pisces bear , Aries bear , and Taurus bear are emerald-level , with a number of 240,000 , 180,000 , 120,000 and 60,000 respectively . Gemini bears , Cancer bears , Lion bears , and Virgo bears belong to the sapphire level , with a number of 24,000 , 18,000 , 12,000 , and 6,000 , respectively . The Libra Bear , Scorpio Bear , Sagittarius Bear , and Capricorn Bear belong to the ruby level , with the highest scarcity , with numbers of 2400, 1800, 1200, and 600, respectively.

seen that the higher the scarcity of Constellation Bear NFTs , the smaller the number of them , which is also in line with the economic law of “what is rare is more expensive” .

For platform users , how to obtain these constellation bear NFTs ? There are no more than three ways : 1. The user can obtain it by opening the blind box of the panda treasure chest . 2. Users can also obtain scarce constellation NFTs by snapping up on well-known exchanges . 3. Users can also get it through the lucky astrolabe .

If you were a user , which way would you get it ?

Of course , the Constellation Bear NFT is not just an ordinary NFT , it is more like an energy lever to leverage the ecology of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE metaverse .


When users own Constellation Bear NFT , what will they do in AMAZING PANDAVERSE Metaverse Ecology ? I guess that’s what the platform users care about the most .

Ownership is Equity , Equity is Profit

This is the most realistic portrayal of Constellation Bear NFT . Under the radiation of AMAZING PANDAVERSE , the rights and interests of Constellation Bear NFT extend to the three major application ecosystems of Panda Lucky Roulette , Panda DAO , and Panda Upgrade Mining .

First of all, in Panda Lucky Roulette , users can get rich rewards by participating in different levels of gem roulette ( green , blue , red ) . Of course , every time you participate in the gem roulette , users need a certain entry threshold . For example , in the emerald roulette , users only need 1 emerald-level constellation bear NFT and 1 PNDV ( governance token ) worth to participate , and will have the opportunity to obtain 2,000 PNDV (governance token) or scarce NFT . The higher the level of participation in the Jewel Roulette, the higher the reward . In ruby roulette , users will have the opportunity to get 10,000 PNDV (governance token) or scarce NFT .

Secondly , if you own a lot of constellation bear NFTs of different colors ( green , blue , red ) , then you will enjoy great rewards in the ecology of Panda DAO . If you collect 2 colors and 8 different constellation bear NFTs , you will get the Mars Medal , you can enjoy 10,000 PNDV (governance tokens) rewards , 100 upgrade gems, and the right to enter the game of AMAZING PANDAVERSE . If you are lucky enough to gather 3 colors and 12 different constellation bear NFTs , you will get the highest-level Gold Star Medal, and the reward is much higher than the Mars Medal , not only 50,000 PNDV (Governance Tokens) , There are also 1000 upgrade gems and game access to AMAZING PANDAVERSE .

However, the most interesting thing is that Panda upgrades the mining ecology . It not only adopts the gameplay developed by traditional game upgrades , but also embeds the concept of mining in it , allowing users to obtain rich rewards in mining . Similarly , in the setting of panda mining , it is also divided according to the different colors of green , blue and red constellation bear NFT .

Bronze Epic Panda is evolved from emerald-grade constellation bear NFT or 1st -generation NFT and a certain amount of PNDV (governance token) and panda evolution crystal , and can obtain 2 times the income mining rights . Silver Legend Panda is evolved from sapphire-level constellation Bear NFT or any top 100 1st – generation NFT and a certain amount of PNDV (governance token) and panda evolution crystal, and can obtain 3 times the income mining rights . The Golden Mythical Panda is evolved from the ruby-grade constellation Bear NFT or any 1 : 1 1st-generation NFT and a certain amount of PNDV (governance token) and panda evolution crystal, and can obtain 5 times the income mining rights .

In short , the higher the level of the panda, the higher the benefits .


PNDV: The Metaverse Mapping the Value Carrier of the Physical World

If the constellation bear NFT is the entry ticket for users to enter the AMAZING PANDAVERSE metaverse , then PNDV is the value carrier that drives the AMAZING PANDAVERSE metaverse to map the physical world . As the governance token of AMAZING PANDAVERSE , PNDV has a total circulation of 600 million pieces , 30 million pieces (5%) belong to institutions , 30 million pieces (5%) belong to IDO , 30 million pieces (5%) belong to the foundation , 90 million pieces ( 5%) belong to the foundation. 15%) to the DAO , and the remaining 4.2 billion ( 70%) to the mining pool .

Every time the price of PNDV triples, half of the total pool will be destroyed. In this way , with the opening of extreme deflation , the total amount of PNDV will become less and less , which will further lead to higher and higher prices . Therefore, participating in the ecological construction of AMAZING PANDAVERSE earlier will definitely get the mining bonus of PNDV .

In addition , in the face of the ecological extension of AMAZING PANDAVERSE , PNDV also has its own circulation direction , not only limited to NFT and combat power upgrades . AMAZING PANDAVERSE will officially create a web 3.0 social application called Panda EAT2EARN (E2E) , which aggregates the core concepts of Social Fi and Game-Fi and integrates it into the daily dining experience of AMAZING PANDAVERSE Pandaren .

In Panda EAT2EARN (E2E) , the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Pandaren community will be able to create an exclusive social food profile and earn corresponding benefits by partnering with restaurants around the world . In addition , Pandaren can freely upgrade the level of Panda Food Master through “chat”, “share” and “fans”, so as to unlock more dining privileges and discounts, and earn Bamboo Points (BP) for exchange Governance Token (PNDV) .


• “Chat” experience: 10 BPs for 10 comments

• “Share” experience: retweet 10 posts to get 5 BP

• “Fan” experience: get 10 likes to get 1 BP

If reaching the Panda Food Master level ( 30000 BP ), PANDAVERSE NFT holders with dining venues can cooperate with AMAZING PANDAVERSE to expand their influence by utilizing the functions of the Panda E2E app and the location of the SandboxGame restaurant, and in Yuan Get more traffic in the universe, ultimately making the business and community mutually beneficial.

In addition, according to the official news of AMAZING PANDAVERSE , the project party is connecting with more and more trendy brands and artists, promoting the combination of art, fashion and digital collections, and providing more possibilities for the development and expansion of NFT and PNDV.


Conclusion: At present , entertainment, sports, and luxury goods that are endowed with NFT attributes are gaining momentum . The current global transaction volume exceeds 50 billion US dollars, and it has become a species that is more out of the circle than BTC. AMAZING PANDAVERSE , as a player in this track , can enhance the appreciation value of Chaowan art and the communication space for collectors, and at the same time add the wings of technology and dreams to Chaowan culture and art , and transform the NFT with the charm of “Oriental Language” Pushing to a higher level of art , and we will wait and see !


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