BITMAKE Exchange Takes Center Stage at EDCON 2023’s [Plan B] Side Event

One of the largest Ethereum developer conferences in the world, EDCON 2023, was held on May 19th in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The conference covered a wide range of topics, including blockchain regulation, network status, decentralized governance, Layer 2 solutions, and decentralized social content. In addition, several well-known projects organized various types of side events to discuss the latest information and narrative hotspots in the industry.

On May 21st, Move Accelerator and DODO hosted the offline event ‘Plan B,’ co-hosted by BitMake, Vmeta3, MIXMARVEL, INCEPTION, and ODYSSEY DAO, which was successfully held in Montenegro. Leading organizations in the industry and hundreds of Web3 Builders from different projects gathered together to explore industry trends and hot topics.


BitMake is a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange platform that launched in July 2022. It provides professional futures and spot trading services, as well as a unique feature of cryptocurrency lending with a unified trading account. During the event, BitMake presented a keynote speech titled “Crossing of Web3 and CEX – From Parasitism to Mutualism.” The speech discussed the reasons for the choices made by DEX traders and CEX traders, and explored the relationship between CEX and DEX in today’s ecosystem. It also highlighted how BitMake addresses the conflicts between the two and explores more collaborative relationships between them, aiming to become a platform that users are willing to explore.


As a conference sponsor, BITMAKE is committed to supporting the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem. With its extensive experience and expertise in blockchain solutions, BITMAKE aims to contribute to the discussions and exchange of ideas that shape the future of the industry.


BITMAKE’s Global Head of Cyber Security [ROY] expressed, “We are delighted to be involved as sponsors and keynote speakers at the conference in Montenegro. This event provides us with an excellent platform to engage with like-minded professionals and industry pioneers, share insights, and explore collaborations that promote the adoption and development of blockchain technology.”


As an emerging leader in blockchain solutions, BITMAKE is dedicated to harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology to drive innovation and create sustainable value for its customers and partners. Through its participation in conferences, BITMAKE aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and contribute to the ongoing development of the blockchain industry.


BitMake is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in Dubai in 2021. The team consists of members with backgrounds in the financial industry and leading international internet companies. In 2022, BitMake officially launched its trading platform, offering professional services such as perpetual contract trading, spot trading, and lending. Its user base spans over 30 countries and regions worldwide.

BitMake adopts an industry-leading technology architecture with self-owned intellectual property to safeguard users’ digital assets and critical information. With a unified trading account, BitMake has created a platform that provides professional trading services with low entry barriers, earning acclaim from professional traders and investment institutions for its security and trading experience.

Furthermore, BitMake has obtained MSB licenses in countries such as Canada and the United States, and it is actively accelerating its global expansion.

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