Empowering the entire industry chain in the world, DD Token recreates the “miracle of recovery” of the digital economy

The global pandemic has almost brought the world economy into a “shutdown period” for several years. All offline real industries have been severely impacted. Even in the period of slow economic recovery after the epidemic, the world is still in a state of waiting. In such a state, industries, institutions and enterprises around the world are looking for ways to activate the vitality of the offline economy. It is for this purpose that the BYTECODE Foundation is looking for new industrial power around the world, empowering the industry with strong strength, and developing the digital transformation market in the post-epidemic era.

The BYTECODE Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore in 2020. It aims to provide economic and technical assistance to all traditional fields by using technologies such as biotechnology, digital economy, and Internet technology to realize its digital transformation and serve the public.

After many offline and online investigations and discussions, the BYTECODE Foundation decided to officially issue the DD Token, using cryptocurrencies to carry out comprehensive ecological construction and development in the biotechnology industry, ecological agriculture, sports and entertainment industry, encryption industry, etc. Market Development. With the DD token as the main model, the distributed digital development of industrial integration, cost reduction and efficiency increase will be realized.

First of all, BYTECODE will integrate the biotechnology industry and conduct further processing with the serum of mice and other animals. In China, the “Company + Base + Farmer” franchise model will be used to establish a mouse demonstration base. It will radiate 3,000 mouse breeding bases in China to develop breeding, promote farmers’ income and agricultural efficiency, and help China’s rural revitalization and development. At the same time, it will increase the research and development of the added value of raw materials, extend the industrial chain upward, help the global integrated sales layout, and build a trillion-level biotechnology industry.

In the sports entertainment industry, BYTECODE will build an offline Texas Hold’em Arena, and use the DD token as the main economic model to achieve a win-win situation between sports competition and the digital industry. And in the future, we will cooperate with global stadiums to allow the value of DD to circulate around the world and open up a new world of digital sports entertainment industry.

Online, BYTECODE will develop a decentralized mall around the DD pass. By pledging the sub-DD of the DD pass, people around the world can freely choose tens of thousands of items related to food, clothing, housing and transportation in the mall for painless consumption. In this process, the multiple circulation of DD tokens can make it generate infinite value-added potential. At the same time, in order to create a virtuous ecological cycle of ecological DD token, a comprehensive NFT trading platform integrating NFT release, NFT transaction and NFT wallet will be built in the future. Simultaneously participate in the development of various Metaverse chain games, issue Metaverse game tokens, and establish a game R&D operation center. Most of the application and technical problems we encounter in the ecology will be solved by the unique capabilities of 5G public chain technology.

In addition, DD Token will gradually penetrate into various industries such as RV, ecological agriculture, and the big health entity industry, consolidate the foundation of the digital economy industry, promote the rapid circulation of DD Token, and maximize the value of DD Token.

Not only that, BYTECODE already has 51 nodes and 200 communities around the world, gathering the consensus of tens of thousands of DD Token members. Let DD Token continue to accumulate brand credibility and financial value in the online and offline application and circulation of global consensus members, and finally build a whole-industry digital financial chain with DD Token as the core economic element, and truly achieve complete Industrial interoperability and full-scenario application to create a trillion-level industrial aggregate!

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