FIST is coming



FIST Rune First MEME Coin

Released on December 30, 2023, it will be launched fairly on runs. Only participation, everyone is the banker, everyone builds together, and we reach a consensus together. As the first rune promoted by the first community, which will become the largest DAO community in the world, it will continue to grow with the growth of the first community.

The composition of the first community: Executives from multiple blockchain incubation companies jointly nominated a community organization called web3DAO jointly launched by multiple domestic and overseas project parties and business schools.

To understand the first community, you must first understand what a blockchain incubation company is. What is a blockchain incubation company? To put it simply, it is a blockchain service company that provides one-stop services such as technology development, project packaging, project promotion at home and abroad, and docking with exchanges. The business people are the employees in the company who deal with customers and various sectors. After many years of working in the industry, we have a large number of customer groups, which are what everyone calls project parties. At the same time, it also has major cooperation resources in the industry, such as technology development, investment research institutions, major blockchain media, exchange personnel, domestic and overseas KOLs, etc. The first community is to vertically integrate the front and rear resources to form a real blockchain community. All decisions in the community are approved by everyone’s vote and are completely organized by DAO.




In just 4 days, FIST rushed from over 900 to seventh place. The strong consensus gave him unparalleled room for growth.

Fist will serve as the governance token of the first community and the ecological token of the first community, thus giving it more use value and room for appreciation.

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