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MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held AMA on April 9th


On April 9th, MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held an AMA in the Silicoin Discord community, with more than 10,000 people interacting, and airdrop rewards were issued to some active members. William attended the event on behalf of MetaHero, answered questions from the host and community members, mentioned the ecological co-construction and development plan of MetaHero and Silicoin, and said that the cooperation between MetaHero and Silicoin will be carried out for a long time, and the two parties will jointly create a prosperous Metaverse ecology.



Strong alliances build an ecosystem together, the AMA event of MetaHero and Silicoin was successfully held


On April 9th, MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held an AMA in the Silicoin Discord community, with more than 10,000 people interacting, and airdrop rewards were issued to some active members. William attended the event on behalf of MetaHero and answered questions from the host and community members. The following is the live record of the AMA event:

MC: Many of our Silicoin users are very interested in the upcoming game, please briefly introduce the game MetaHero.

William: MetaHero is a classic and unique tower defense chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), integrating “TCG, competition, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO”, you will lead Your team of heroes go on adventures and achieve each other.

Here you can lead your heroes and pets on adventures and breakthroughs together, and achieve each other in the process of Play-to-Earn. With the game MetaHero, you can have your own world on the blockchain. Each player can obtain heroes by opening blind boxes, trading, gifting, level drops, etc., and use their own heroes to break through in an exciting game environment to get game rewards.

MC: How is MetaHero different from other GameFi? Are there any innovations in the economic model?

William: The biggest difference between MetaHero and other GameFi is that MetaHero has a very grand game ecology. Its development purpose is to occupy the largest traffic entrance to the metaverse for human beings. Therefore, its ecological content is quite large and the ecology is very sound.

MetaHero presents a virtual world with a relatively complete economic system to players through five major sectors: Game system, NFT system, DeFi system, DAO system, and token system, and further brings users a step-by-step “Play-to-Earn” A gaming experience that is currently difficult to achieve with other GameFi projects.

Secondly, MetaHero also has very significant innovations in the economic model, which is also difficult for other GameFi projects to match. MetaHero has a very stable economic system. In the game ecosystem, all users can obtain heroes in various ways, and obtain ASB, MWB, and HWB game assets through game levels.

Then you can exchange these game assets into HSPC tokens through the SWAP function, get HSPC tokens to exchange for USDT in the secondary market or exchange, or participate in game investment (DeFi) to keep your tokens value, MHC will become the game world Tokens and consumption tokens will be used for in-game ecological construction. The entire economic system is interlinked, and coupled with the destruction and deflation mechanism, the stability of HSPC and MHC tokens can be maintained for a long time.

MC: Why did Silicoin choose to partner with MetaHero?

Silicoin official: MetaHero, as a highly playable tower defense blockchain game, supports SIT tokens, which will inject strong energy into the Silicoin ecosystem. The mode of making money for miners and gamers is very similar. With the help of the same logic, the cooperation of the two projects will produce a good chemical reaction, and users can get more rewards between the projects.

MC: Can SIT be used to play MetaHero?

William : Silicoin miners can exchange the original SIT for SIT on the BSC chain through the Future Cash cross-chain bridge, and then use this to enter the world of MetaHero. In the settings of MetaHero, it is necessary to convert SIT to HSPC and then play the game, and SIT cannot be used directly. However, this redemption process is very simple and smooth, and will not affect the player’s experience!

MC: Based on the answers above, how can we use NFTs in MetaHero to trade or exchange cash?

William: MetaHero’s system has an NFT exchange market. Players can sell NFT assets in the exchange market. After the transaction is successful, the buyer will receive the corresponding tokens, which can then be realized through the secondary market. NFT is the player’s personal asset, and the player has the right to freely dispose of his NFT. In addition to taking the NFT to the Exchange Square for trading, the player’s NFT can also be transferred to other accounts in the form of gifting.

Moderator: Everyone knows that Silicoin will launch special events when it cooperates with each partner. Will there be one with MetaHero this time?

Silicoin official: Blockchain e-sports is one of the major development directions of MetaHero in the future, so Silicoin plans to cooperate with the MetaHero team to hold a game competition for Silicoin community users! Every participating user has the opportunity to receive different levels of rewards.

MC: Do you think the cooperation between Silicoin and MetaHero will have any impact on both parties in the future?

Silicoin official: In this cooperation, MetaHero and Silicoin will cooperate in a friendly way, and both parties will reap predictable good results in their respective fields. Silicoin will promote MetaHero in the global miner community and attract a large number of users from all over the world; at the same time, MetaHero supports the Silicoin ecosystem and creates new application scenarios for SIT other than staking mining. As leaders in their respective fields, both parties will collide with more amazing sparks in the long-term cooperation process in the future!

In addition to the official questions with Silicoin, William also accepted questions from the community, and distributed airdrop benefits to these players who actively participated in the interaction. The following is the live record:

Community Questioner: Okay, I have a question for William, what can we do with heroes once we’ve exhausted their resource production capacity?

William: Once a hero’s resource generation capacity is exhausted, they will only be used for crafting upgrades. No longer has the ability to generate any three game tokens.

Community Questioner: Hi William, I was wondering if an in-game messaging feature would be developed to communicate with users and maybe a guild?

William: Actually, we already have the function of establishing a guild, including that guild members will have their own community. Regarding users being able to chat in the game, I think this is a good suggestion, and we are already planning to develop this function.

Community Questioner: The base hero is currently at level 30, are there any plans to make it higher?

William: For now, the basic hero is just to make players better adapt to the game in the early stage, and the basic hero cannot get game tokens, so it does not make sense to increase the hero level cap.

Community Questioner: Will MetaHero add some new heroes?

William: Yes, this is in the next development plan.

Community Questioner: I see there is a liquidity pool for tokens in the game wallet. Is this also part of the game mechanics, or is it a separate thing for investors?

William: This is a DeFi ecosystem that belongs to MetaHero. The liquidity pool allows users to use ASB, HWB, MWB and HSPC to form trading pairs for staking mining and earn transaction fees.

Community Questioner: What do you think of the idea of having our heroes attack instead of running, for example, in multiplayer?

William: Multiplayer? Are you talking about PVP? This is a classic tower defense type game. Its game orientation is not player VS player, but player VS environment, but we are also considering developing a PVP game mode, but before that, we may plan to launch some players Co-op game mode.

Community Questioner: If there are questions in the community in the future, can we send them to you, or should we forward them to the moderator of your telegram chat?

William: Ok, you can find me in the official MetaHero telegram

You can find me through this link

Finally, the AMA event came to a successful conclusion. William and Silicoin officially distributed hero NFT airdrop benefits to these members of the Discord community. Through the exchange of this AMA, the partnership between MetaHero and Silicoin has been further improved. The cooperation between MetaHero and Silicoin will be carried out for a long time. Together, we will create a prosperous metaverse ecology.

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