Parallel expansion of the public chain blockchain intelligent voting system KSC will be launched soon

It is official news that the community governance protocol blockchain intelligent voting system KSC will be launched soon. Based on the underlying technology of AysChian, KSC and AysChian data exchange, data switching, and parallel interaction with AysChian are realized through the ARC-20 smart contract. Public network platform.


KSC runs on AysChain and Ethereum, and supports both ARC20 and ERC20 smart contracts. In addition to supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Smart Contract (Smart Contract), it also supports the latest Layer 2. Compared with Layer 1, Layer 2 provides richer functions and better user experience on the basis of Layer 1. For example, the deterministic duration of the state of funds, security, programmability, etc. will have better solutions. Through Layer 2, KSC can process transactions in a shorter time, the transactions are more cost-effective, and can be used in many different DeFi platforms. Users can directly use hardware wallets for transactions, but also wallets such as Aytoken, MetaMask, imtoken, etc., which can also be used with the Ethereum blockchain.

KSC intelligent voting system is an intelligent online voting system based on the underlying privacy technology of AYS blockchain. Mainly aiming at the problems of malicious vote swiping, data security, and privacy leakage in the current online voting system, the KSC intelligent voting system combines the decentralization, data immutability, anonymity, and cross-chain technology of the underlying privacy technology of the AYS blockchain. , to ensure that the voting data of the voting system is fair, open, verifiable, and non-tamperable, and to improve the trustworthiness and privacy of the voting system.

In the KSC network, users can implement cross-chain deployment of community governance schemes, market incentive policies, creation of community voting proposals, setting voting time, and setting voting reward mechanisms through the KSC intelligent voting system. The system also provides traceability of voting data. Verifiable functionality, ultimately rewarded by voting for participation and ensuring the system works by the rules.

It is reported that KSC aims to build a decentralized, efficient, secure and community governance protocol for users, and a fair and tamper-proof voting environment. KSC will conduct market operation, promotion and layout around the world, set up KSC-DAO autonomous community organizations in countries and regions around the world, build a blockchain-based global community user to build an autonomous DAO ecological community, and build community blockchain polymorphism Link and intelligent processing device, use smart contracts and DAO to solve the problems of KSC ecological construction and application landing.

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